Commissioning a Sculpture:

The process of commissioning a sculpture is very simple:

First: Call or email Steve Kilpatrick describing your interests.

Second: A written Agreement is processed, outlining the specifics of the commission.

Third: The sculpture is created in clay.

Fourth: The client inspects the completed clay sculpture (in person or by email / postal mail photos).

Fifth: Upon approval of the clay sculpture the mold / casting process is begun. The local Laran Bronze, Inc. foundry is typically used for all bronze castings (Lost Wax method).

Sixth: The finished sculpture is available for pick-up or delivery from the foundry.

Easy and SimpleĀ 

Steve is there to help you throughout the entire process.

*After a sculpture is created in clay, it can be cast in the traditional bronze Lost Wax Foundry method OR (when available) in the cold poured, Layered Process (in bronze, brass, silver-nickel, marble or other materials).